We at Rogue Safe Co. along with a small metal fabrication shop and a few local craftsmen have developed what we feel is the Perfect Safe. They are built to exclusive Rogue Safe Co. specifications and available in 15 different sizes in both the Klamath Series and the High Security Rogue Series along with our standard Mill Creek Series safe available in one size and color, all to accommodate both your needs and your available space. You even have the option of having one custom built if necessary.

Each Rogue Safe is hand fitted and custom built to the absolute highest standards in the industry. Using the finest grade of available steel comprising 95% of the overall weight as opposed to up to 50% of the overall weight with most competitors’ models. Additionally, All of the Rogue Safe Co. Fire safes are equipped with a 1” thick, 2300 degree Heat Rated ceramic wool blanket to protect your valuables from heat. There are no sharp outside corners and deluxe pull handles are included on all models. You can have your door hinges placed on either side to take advantage of maximizing accessibility. Rogue Safe sells only American built safes and contracts with 6 local Rogue Valley craftsmen to help keep our local Southern Oregon economy strong.

Rogue Safe Co.
1910 Hazel Ave
Medford, Or 97501
I wanted to extend a special THANKS to those that stood by me during the many trials of perfecting the PERFECT SAFE exclusive to ROGUE SAFE
Thank you to my wife Marie, Dan Bashore, Jim Botsford, James Stoddard and Jerry Wiseman,. Thank you for all your support and understanding!
Knute Klingerman